Pedaling through Paradise……

First of all, hello and welcome.  My name is Clinton Curry, aka Conch Republic Cyclist™. I was born and raised here in Key West, Florida – a seventh generation “conch” as we say here in the Keys. I’m an avid cyclist and member of the City of Key West’s Bicycle Action Committee.  I also enjoy acting as an unofficial ambassador for Key West and the Conch Republic while traveling to other cities, states and countries. 

People often ask me what I enjoy most about living in Key West and, after my friends and family, I always follow it up with “the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and learn from them while sharing the history of my city.”  I enjoy celebrating my heritage at local festivals, having won the island of Key West’s world famous conch shell blowing contest multiple times and making what many claim to be the best key lime pie on the island. 

I hope you have fun exploring the site (which is just getting started) and that you will find something interesting or useful.  As the site grows and develops, you will be able to find many links to local bicycle events and bicycle shops, as well as Florida Keys bike trail information and intriguing bits of Keys history. Hopefully you will be inspired to plan a cycling trip here in the beautiful Conch Republic!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at I encourage you to post your ideas and share your opinions relating to cycling in the Conch Republic and elsewhere using the response forms provided following each posting. 

Thank you for visiting the Conch Republic Cyclist site. Until such time as our paths happen to cross, may the wind be at your back and the road ahead rise up to meet you. Ride safe.


3 thoughts on “Pedaling through Paradise……

  1. Excellent website Clinton. You make it sound very, very appealing. I look forward to riding down there.
    From your northern mtn biking aunt

  2. I was lucky enough to meet Clinton at the most memorable Holiday Lights Tour this past December! It was one of… if not, THE… highlight of my family’s vacation in Key West, and I heartily applaud his work! … creating wonderful events for locals and visitors alike, promoting the world of bikes, and using bikes for larges causes in our society like AIDS awareness! Keep those events posted, Clinton! I’m sending my travelers your way!

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